Voice of Thought

The Awakening
by Chriss Sather

I am the Universe- God Lives Within

Monday, April 19, 2021
I am the Universe- God Lives Within
approx 1040 words

Without any influence or direction from others, we would have to depend on our inner thoughts to guide us to what we think we should do.  We would have to consult ourselves inside our own mind and heart to find a center of balance, to help us to make a decision of what is right and wrong and stand by our belief in it.  The balance comes from what our mind tells us is the best idea, and our heart tells us if ithe idea is something we can live with, in harmony with our spirit and then out into the world.

With regard to decisions made for our own wellbeing,  we would first be thinking and reacting to our basic survival needs, then later we might have thoughts about what else we need on top of our survival. Maybe that would be a mate or a friend to spend time with.  I think probably most people would not want to be alone but at the same time some can be quite comfortable on their own without any loneliness.  Either way we would be considering our comfort and longevity.  We wish to survive comfortably and we want to feel well.  We have needs that we want met beyond survival, we believe we deserve more.

Some people find companionship from animals or birds or even just a comfortable surrounding or a nice little self made nest.  Some people can be so intertwined emotionally with nature that just being in a beautiful inspiring natural setting, would fill their heart and spirit with pure meaningful joy.  This is important to ones wellness beyond survival. To feed the spirit is something one can do regularly to help bring on more clarity to our inner guide.  Meditation, breathing and stretch exercise can also very helpful to get us into the clarity zone. People can do this completely on their own and do not require to spend any money to do it.  Its a very personal experience.  We can create a warming atmosphere that makes us feel very comfortable and practice our clarity exercises anytime we decide to do it.

Practicing "Clarity" is a very restful experience and will help to release answers to those unanswered thought questions that have once been asked. 

To understand what I'm saying to you is to actually understand me in my own universe of thought.  We are on this planet surviving as a species at the expense of other species and I think and feel that is the wrong thing to do.  The feeling that I carry with me is something that I cannot escape, it's always there. 

Let me explain; I've alway been very empath sensitive to my surroundings  that would include anything that is alive. I feel the pain and suffering of what is going around me. It moves me so much that I must speak out to anyone who will listen, because my inner voice is telling me that the others like me need to collect together in mind and spirit to bring on this change to others.  I believe that the planet and everyone on it can be healed.  When I say everyone I mean every living existence.

That being said, lets consider that each one of us in our own universe has a chance to fix everything, to right the wrongs and to change things bit by bit in an excelerated manor.  Lets face it ,we are running out of time.  We are running out of time to allow this planet to thrive and renourish itself.  The planet needs all of it's ecology and systems in nature to be working optimally.  The forests need its wildlife and the wildlife needs its forests.  They are dependent on each other.  Same with the oceans, you can watch information all over the internet and the different program channels about what we are doing to the oceans with commercial fishing and trolling with nets.  Not to mention all of the pollutants that we leave behind for our fish to try to survive in.   It sickens me to watch what is happening.  I can't do anything on my own to help this change and it makes me feel helpless. So here I am doing what I can, using my voice.  I propose that we all use our voice to speak out against all of the destructive senarios that humans attempt.  Speak up for those beings who need you to rescue them from pain and suffering.  Stand up for our fellow earthlings.

We the humans, are causing all of this distruction to the planet.  Humans are responsible for the caging of wild animals, stacking them up in crates without any space to move around in many cases without proper food and water.  Humans treating other species in a horrific unconscionable manor leaving them to a short lifetime of pain and suffering.  Even worse that people would cage animals and leave them to die without even looking back.  There will be a time of judgement.  This will come back on us and we will all pay the price for the suffering which we impose on others. Anyone or any life matters and is of great importance.  We are ment to protect our creatures not be their punisher and executer.

Thank goodness for all of those people out there in the world trying to help those threatened animals and species out there.   But who is stopping it from happening before it happens.  This is a worldwide problem that needs to be addressed by every country on the planet.  Who's going to stand up for change on righting the wrongs all over the world?  Thats what I want to know.  I want to see action all over the world where it is not tolerated; to abuse nature, wildlife, oceanlife, waterways, forests, domestic pets and commercial farm livestock.  Those are the immediate issues that come to me at the top of my head, but we all know there is much, much more that needs to change. 

It's true,  we are our own little independent universe.  We each have our own needs and we have our own natural way of being. Our bodies biology and the ecosystem that lives within our own bodies is different.  Some people have very healthy body ecosystems and others do not, largely to do with how we feed and nourish ourselves. We are in control of that.  Sometimes when someone else is in control of how we take care of ourselves we must go inside our own heads and ask ourselves, "Is this right or is this wrong?"  Sometimes that can be confusing.  But deep down inside you will know the answer and it is you who must stand up for yourself.  We must also stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.  We are the protectors, who will stand up for what is right even in the face of danger, we will stop what is bad going on to the innocents and the babes.  We will be connected to each other and to the greater black space that surrounds us all.  We can make our world in sync with nature how it was intended.  We should be working towards removing our devastating footprint from the planet so it can return to how it works the best naturally for all species.  We need to adapt and survive at the sacrifice of no others who have equal right on the planet.  We are all creatures of earth and belong here together in harmony.

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