What if we could start over again...

Make the environment cleaner, safer, and more liveable for all creatures on the planet.  We demand safety and protection for all native species, a universal law; an understanding that no life is more important than another.  Be what we were meant to be; GUARDIANS OF THE PLANET and protectors of all life on it. The Earth is Alive.
We are the problem.
Is it going to take another earth-wide human population to die out to reset the planet's ecosystem?   I hope not.
I would like to see it;
everyone doing their best to protect the planet and every living creature on it.  
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Protect Our Wildlife

Ensure the wildlife have adequate space to thrive with minimal human contact.  Convert areas of cities to parkland, Convert obsolete business buildings into sustainable housing,  Whatever space that is obsolete in the cityscape should be converted back to parkland for our wilderness creatures to thrive,  prepare for greener earth that is shared with other wild species.  I think it is time to learn about how we have decimated the land to the point that we have destroyed the natural habitat of our wild creatures.  How can they survive without food, they are forced into forging food in suburban areas because we have taken their habitat away and now there is no food that they would naturally hunt in an area.  
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Protect Our Oceans

Remove the waste from our oceans and waterways, disallow contamination of the environment by large companies and private investment operations in industries like mining, oil, and plastics.  
Eliminate Commercial Fishing, Outlaw Shark Fin Catch,  We are about to wipe out all of our oceans of wildlife.  Stop mass commercial fishing ASAP to help restore our oceans.  It's time to take a very conservative approach to all types of commercial fishing.  It is up to us to make a significant difference in the future of our planet.  We have one chance to make a significant difference to all the species on this planet.  If the ocean dies, we all die.
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Protect Our Forests

Build our cities in a natural setting allowing the natural elements to heat and cool our homes.  Use nature to guide us on how to accomplish the challenges.  Use science to solve our problems.  Get rid of everything that we don't need.  Hire people to tear down and build back better.  Natural living, urban development, and new developer guidelines for building in towns and cities are needed.  Allowances for smaller houses in larger towns and cities. Let's build building structures with different natural products other than trees.  The trees must repopulate the earth; it's our natural canopy.

By Chriss Sather
April 19/2021
Kathouz Publishing

Build Back Better

We have a chance to set everything right.