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The Awakening
by Chriss Sather

About the Choices We Make

Tuesday, April 20, 2021
About the Choices We Make
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We humans can't enjoy a fullfilling happy healthy life without caring and maintaining our mind, body and spirit. Without prejudice you must equally nourish and feed each one to keep them all healthy and functioning properly.  We must look past our wants and consider our basic survival and how to maintain health and happiness over time.  It is never in our minds when we are in our youth, we just want to have fun and do what we want to do without consequence.  

It is not always easy to do so if you have ideas which will challenge the heart and possibly detour you from acting on what you know is best.  I'm sure everyone on the planet battles with what the wants are over the needs.  Some people are so attuned to the wants that the mind blanks out everything else.  We cannot judge and blame for this, it is all part of human nature.  We are all human and have traits that will offer us a choice between what the needs are, and what we want.   Sometimes it will work out for the greater good.  

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