Voice of Thought

The Awakening
by Chriss S
Monday, April 19, 2021
I am the Universe- God Lives Within
approx 1040 words

Without any influence or direction from others, we would have to depend on our inner thoughts to guide us to what we think we should do.  We would have to consult ourselves inside our own mind and heart to find a center of balance, to help us to make a decision of what is right and wrong and stand by our belief in it.  The balance comes from what our mind tells us is the best idea, and our heart tells us if ithe idea is something we can live with, in harmony with our spirit and then out into the world.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021
About the Choices We Make
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We humans can't enjoy a fullfilling happy healthy life without caring and maintaining our mind, body and spirit. Without prejudice you must equally nourish and feed each one to keep them all healthy and functioning properly.  We must look past our wants and consider our basic survival and how to maintain health and happiness over time.  It is never in our minds when we are in our youth, we just want to have fun and do what we want to do without consequence.